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Who’s In Your Snow Globe? – Cheryl’s Blog

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I’ve been in multiple conversations lately with people sharing stories of uncanny connections and communications.  It goes something like this …

A highlight of my week is meeting with a cherished group of women friends for coffee, a life-journey check in, and writing time.  This week CB was sharing an amazing experience she’d had in which she discovered powerful, playful and adventurous sides of her self that had just been waiting to be remembered and embraced.  When she got to the part about experiencing what it felt like to feel herself as a “Woman in Full” we were almost cheering for her.  And each of us felt somehow that the message she’d received was also meant for us.

The common theme in these multiple conversation has been how connected we all are and that time, distance, even death, doesn’t matter – that we’re all under the same snow globe.  Sometimes we’re being shaken up and are holding onto each other for balance.  Sometimes we’re standing together holding hands under a beautiful night sky with the snow falling softly onto our cheeks.

It’s magical how we are constantly learning from each other through sharing our experiences and insights.  Whether it’s four close friends sharing coffee, tears and laughter at our favorite local coffee hang out; a quick status update on Facebook; or writing a blog post that just has to come out.  Thanks for being in my snow globe.

Cheryl Schirillo is an internet entrepreneur, social media coach, mom of two teenage boys, scuba diver, swing dancer, ultimate frisbee player, StoryLine creator, and founder of this web site, Bridges Connecting Communities ( is a news & events web site for the Triad … a Community Blog if you will : )

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Who’s In Your Snow Globe? – Cheryl’s Blog
  • Cyndi Briggs said: Monday at 10:23pm

    So honored to be in this snow globe with you!... full post
  • Sandy Phocas said: Wednesday at 9:55pm

    Beautiful, Cheryl! The sharing going on (there and here) is... full post
  • Cheryl Schirillo said: Wednesday at 5:22pm

    Jon the image you shared builds beautifully on Cristin's comment.... full post
  • Jon Anderson said: Wednesday at 5:20pm

    This is great Cheryl. This image from my WS lab describes just how interconnected we all are (per Cristin’s comment).

  • Cristin, Whiting said: Wednesday at 4:27pm

    Awesome! The image of the snow globe is so... full post
  • Cheryl Schirillo said: Wednesday at 3:53pm

    Chris and Maria, Thanks for reading and sharing your voice! full post
  • Chris Randall said: Wednesday at 3:51pm

    Thanks for sharing this Cheryl. It's amazing the threads we... full post
  • Maria Sanchez said: Wednesday at 3:50pm

    Girlfriends are the best!

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