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What Does Voting Get You? 3 New Libraries!

“Vote as if your future depends on it. It does.”

Thank you to all the folks who voted and shared their voices here on Bridges by clicking on the “contribute” button at the bottom of this column. We loved all the quotes (funny & serious) and the stories you shared — especially in support of the Library Bond which will insure that we get new libraries downtown and in Clemmons and Kernersville. We look forward to continuing the conversation. ~ Cheryl, Founder, Bridges

What Does Voting Get You? 3 New Libraries!
  • admincheryl said: Monday at 8:29am

    To see stories, testimonials and quotes about the recent election, voting in general, and of course the Library Bond, click on this link:
    Hundreds of folks in Forsyth County contributed to the conversation.

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